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Terms and conditions

In the unlikely event your hood does not fit, we will replace it free of charge. All we require is the hood be returned to us in a condition that it can be re-sold and the details of what is wrong with it, we will then re make your hood in the origional style you asked for and send to you ASAP.



ALL of our hoods come supplied with fabric braces. The reason for this is that over the years we have found these to be the most efficient and long serving braces. They are tight to begin with but this is due to the friction of them rubbing against each other, this can be softened by drawing and opening them for 20 mins to allow them to "bed in" once they are bedded in they will last for years. If they do fail at some point, let us know and we will re brace the hood for free for you.


When you receive one of our hoods you will be surprised at the length of the "closing" braces. These are left extra long intentionally so you can cut them shorter once the hawk is used to being hooded and the risk of it turning and nipping your lip, cheek, tongue or face is less. There are also those who prefer the longer brace to allow them to tie a knot in the end for easy grip.


You may notice some white "cracking" on the hood when you recieve it... This is a wax treatment that we use after the hood has been dyed, burnished and been waterproofed. It will soon dissapear with use. ( A small tip, it is clear shoe polish and once buffed makes the hood as good as new )